Introduction sectionIESS - Improving Effectiveness in Social Security

IESS - Improving Effectiveness in Social Security

The two-year research project entitled IESS - Improving Effectiveness in Social Security, call for proposal ‘Support for the design of reform strategies for more cost-effective social protection systems’ (VP/2013/013) which started in May 2014, was submitted to the European Commission by Directorate I in partnership with INPS, Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini and the Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion.
The purpose of the call for proposal is to support the EU Member-States in the process of reforming their welfare systems to increase the adequacy, optimizing the trade-off between the cost of public finance and the positive impact on employment and growth, including in unfavorable economic and demographic conditions.

Specific objectives of the IESS project include:

  • the verification, through quantitative tools, of eventual adverse effects on the rate of GDP growth of an undifferentiated increase in the retirement age respect to the instruction and the gender;
  • the evaluation of the relevance of inadequacy risks of the performances of public pensions;
  • the analysis of the pros and cons of the complementary Italian pension system, taking into account the divergent tendencies of groups of workers to register themselves to pension funds.

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