Introduction sectionMOSPI – Modernizing Social Protection System in Italy

MOSPI – Modernizing Social Protection System in Italy

The three-year research project entitled ‘Modernising the social protection system in Italy’ (Mospi) regarding the ‘Call for proposals on social innovation and national reforms’ and ‘Access to social protection and national reform support’ (Vp/2018/0103), which began in January 2019, was presented to the commission by the Italian National Institute for Public Policy Analysis (“INAPP”), in partnership with the Italian Department of the Treasury and the Giacomo Brodolini Foundation.
This project shall contribute to modernising Italy's social protection system, responding to the challenges of digitalisation, changes to the world of work and an ageing population.
It is based on the expertise developed during two previous European research projects (“T-Dymm” - Treasury dynamic microsimulation model and “Iess” - Improving effectiveness in social security). Thanks to an innovative database, these projects made it possible to build and update the T-Dymm microsimulation model. In addition to introducing the latest legislation, Mospi will also update the T-Dymm simulation model, starting with a significant review of the database and broadening its scope of analysis, with a particular focus on workers with very discontinuous careers.

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