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Twinning Lebanon

The twinning with Lebanon “Techniques, capacity building and reorganization at the Ministry of Finance of Lebanon - call for proposal "LB/12/ENP/FI/11", started in October 2013 and will last for 30 months. The lead administration is the French Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance with the ADETEF agency, while the Italian partners are the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, through the Treasury Department and the State General Accounting Department (RGS), and the Centre for Services, Assistance, Studies and Training for the Modernisation of the Public Administration (Formez PA).
The project is part of the international cooperation partnership program ENPI, an EU-specific financial instrument for the implementation of the Neighborhood Policy.
The general purpose of the twinning is to strengthen the management of public finances in Lebanon. The Treasury Department, through its expertise, supports the Lebanese Ministry of Finance in the elaboration of procedural manuals and methodological documents and the development of techniques and instruments to improve its analysis and macroeconomic forecasting, with particular reference to the overall methodological framework of its macroeconomic forecasting practices, projections and predictable aspects of public spending.

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