Introduction sectionPlanning and Forecasting Report - RPP

Planning and Forecasting Report - RPP

The Planning and Forecasting Report - RPP, introduced by Law No. 639 of 21 August 1949 as later amended, is also governed by the provisions under Art. 15 of Law No. 468 of 5 August 1978 as later amended, and is made up of two sections. The first report, edited by the Treasury Department, outlines the overall economic situation at the point in time when the Government adopts the financial package. It contains year-to-date analyses of the Italian economy of the current year as well as macroeconomic and public-finances forecasts for the following year and over the medium term. The second section, edited by the Government General Accounting Department, relates to public finance forecasts for the period considered in the multi-year budget, contains an analysis of fiscal decisions, outlines the structure of the Financial Bill and assesses its impact. The Planning and Forecasting Report, adopted by CIPE (Interministerial Committee for Economic Planning) and at a later stage by the Cabinet, is submitted to Parliament by September 30 together with the Financial Bill. The Forecasting and Planning Report is supplemented by the Reports on Multy-Year Expenditure Laws, including a Summary Outline (Forecasting and Planning Report – Annex on the implementation of multy-year expenditure laws). In 2006 responsibility for drawing up the Annex, which until then had rested with the Treasury Department, was taken over by the Government General Accounting Department.

The Forecasting and Planning Report was published until 2009. It was repealed by Law No. 196 of 31 December 2009.

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