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Research areas

Directorate I of the Department of the Treasury conducts research principally in the following areas:

  • Analysis of economic, monetary and financial issues, both domestic and international
  • Analysis of public debt sustainability
  • Analysis of the structural impact of reforms with monitoring the status of implementation
  • Climate change
  • Economic effects of population ageing and international migration
  • Economic trends of the Italian and international economy
  • Effects on the growth and competitiveness of public investments, particularly in research and innovation
  • Energy sector and other network industries (including customer satisfaction)
  • Estimation of Italy’s potential national economic product (GDP, GNP)
  • EU 2020
  • Job market and social policies, on both the macro- and micro-economic levels
  • Macro- and micro-economic quantitative analysis
  • Macroeconomic forecasts and simulations through the management and development of econometric models
  • National and international financial and monetary system
  • Pricing and international trade trends
  • Public finance
  • Regulatory regimes, rates and competition in the markets for products and services
  • Relationship between public finance and macroeconomic trends
  • Sustainable management of natural resources (water, land, urban waste, agriculture)

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