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State Assets

Directorate VIII of the Treasury Department ("Development of State Assets") is entrusted with the task of promoting and coordinating policies to collect, manage and develop public assets, with particular reference to real-estate, stakes and concessions held by Public Administrations.

The Directorate is divided into four non-general executive offices and performs the following functions:

  • Defines policies to rationalize and develop public assets with the exception of State equity;
  • Detects and monitors asset components of public administration, also for the purpose of drawing up the Government's balance sheet at market prices;
  • Identifies and analyses legal instruments concerning the management, development and dismissal of public assets;
  • Coordinates with the Government agencies responsible for the direct management of State asset components, with particular reference to real-estate, loans and concessions;
  • Coordinates with other Government agencies to define initiatives and programs to develop and dismiss public assets of public entities other than the State, that have a general interest and importance;
  • Manages activities related to and instrumental to the development and dismissal of real-estate – including securitizations or the constitution of investment funds – promoted or implemented by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

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