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State Assets

The Direction VIII is responsible for the valorization and development of State assets, its functions being:

  1. the rationalization, valorization and disposal of State assets and those of public non-territorial entities, with respect to credits, concessions and other assets, excluding stock participations and real estate property. Activities include providing direction to those public administrations directly involved in managing various assets;
  2. the definition of general guidelines for the valorization of real estate propriety belonging to public non-territorial entities;
  3. the definition of directives for plans of disposal of property belonging to public non-territorial entities;
  4. the management, by way of conventions stipulated with regions, local authorities and other interested public entities, of programs involving the disposal of public property not belonging to the State. Activities may include the predisposition and the completion of operations of disposal and of securitization, as well as connected activities involving the relative markets (for example handling relations with the rating agencies and other involved entities);
  5. the elaboration of an annual report (inventory) on State assets evaluated at market prices, to be used for the management and valorization of the assets.
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