Introduction sectionDirectorate II - Public Debt

Directorate II - Public Debt

Directorate II consists of 11 specific offices, and is responsible for the following:

  1. issuance and management of the public debt in Italy and abroad;
  2. management of the government securities amortisation fund and the "Treasury liquidity account for treasury service" provided by Article 44 et seq. and Article 5, respectively, of the Decree of the President of the Republic No. 398 of 30 December 2003, and the other liquidity reserves associated with public-debt management;
  3. analysis of the problems inherent to the management of the public debt in Italy and abroad and to the operation of the financial markets;
  4. coordination and monitoring of the access to the financial markets by public entities, local government entities and State-controlled companies, with or without State guarantees;
  5. relationships with EU institutions and international organisations for matters relating to the management of public debt;
  6. relationships with the credit-rating agencies.

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