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Directorate II - Public Debt

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Office I

General affairs, secretariat and support to the Head of the Directorate with respect to the matters falling within the Directorate's area of responsibility. Personnel management, personnel transfers within the Directorate, performance evaluation of directors and staff, and management of variable salary, in accordance with the policies and general guidelines set by the Department of General Administration, Personnel and Services. Compliance matters related to the register of assignments (anagrafe degli incarichi). Administrative procedures preparatory to the conferral of mandates for advisory and coordinated collaboration services to external personnel, and execution, to the extent of the resources allocated, of contracts and the related approval decrees in connection with the Department of General Administration, Personnel and Services for the purpose of the subsequent administrative/accounting management. Definition of the Directorate's requirements and needs in relation to human resources, training, purchases and logistics. Planning and procurement of the financial resources assigned to the Directorate. Consultation, regulatory adaptation, legal disputes and legal-administrative coordination with respect to matters falling within the Directorate's area of responsibility. Compliance matters related to the Directorate's strategic planning, management control and budget. Relationships with court authorities, control bodies, offices of the Minister’s Cabinet, and the Legislative Office. Participation in inter-institutional working groups and external representation as a substitute for the Head of Directorate.

Tel. +39 06 47614349
Fax +39 06 47610690

Office II

Analysis of the problems inherent to the management of the internal public debt and to the functioning of the markets. Formulation of strategic scenarios for Treasury issuances and analysis of the associated risks. Monitoring of the secondary market for government securities and relationships with supervisioning bodies. Collaboration with international bodies and the EU on issues regarding the financial markets. Simulation of interest expenditure, and development and management of the related forecasting model. Participation in working groups, and external representation as a substitute for the Head of Directorate for matters falling within the Office's area of responsibility. Analysis of the economic-financial effects of tax laws with respect to the public debt.


Tel. +39 06 47614149
Fax +39 06 47821732

Office III

Analysis of the problems inherent to both the management of the debt issued on the international financial markets and the functioning of such markets. Issuance activity in the international markets. Financial transactions aimed at the optimal restructuring of the Treasury's liabilities. Relationships with international investors. Participation in working groups and external representation as a substitute for the Head of Directorate for matters falling within the Office's area of responsibility.


Federica VERANI
Tel +39 06 47613991

Office IV

Coordination of funding activity and of the financial transactions carried out by public and territorial entities, including the verification of conformity with the guidelines provided for such activity. Monitoring of the indebtedness of entities which are part of the public administration, for the purpose of preparing comprehensive statistics about the consolidated debt of the general government that are valid for the definition of the corresponding Maastricht parameter and the respect of the convergence criteria outlined in the Stability Pact.

Fabrizio TESSERI
Tel. +39 06 47610740
Fax +39 06 47613197

Office V

Examination and assessment of legal, accounting and administrative issues in relation to borrowing activity. Release of orders for issuance of debt at both internal and external level and related derivatives transactions, as well as the foreign-exchange transactions. Legal, accounting and administrative issues related to, preliminary to or subsequent to the settlement of the public debt through financial transactions or assignments of government securities. Release of the related orders. Management of the budget, capital account in relation to foreign loans. Management of the payments of foreign loans (principal, interest and related charges). Payments and collections in relation to derivative transactions. Institutional relationships with the Bank of Italy and the Società Borsa Italiana for activities related to the issuance of debt securities in the domestic and foreign markets.

Tel. +39 06 47614797
Fax +39 06 47614061

Office VI

Issuance and management of short term Treasury debt and related administrative fulfillments. Government bond exchange and buyback transactions. Management of the Treasury’s availability account and of the other liquid stocks connected with public debt management. Management of the Treasury’s temporary activities as per Article 48, paragraph 1, of Law no. 488 of 1999.


Alessandro CASCINO 
Tel.: +39 06 47610200
Fax: +39 06 47614338

Office VII

Management and monitoring of expenditure accounts in relation to the servicing of short- and medium-/long-term government securities placed on the domestic market. Measures related to the reimbursement of capital and the payment of interest on such obligations, including in relation to swap transactions and repurchase transactions on the markets and transactions involving the liquidity account. Compliance matters consequent to the creation of a book-entry system for the debt. Management of the financial mortgages for the former Ferrovie dello Stato (Italian National Railways) and ISPA. Audit of capital and interest payments on government securities made by Provincial Treasuries. Relationships with the Bank of Italy and with the Società di Gestione Accentrata dei titoli di Stato (company for the centralized management of government securities). Management of the expenditures in relation to the interest-bearing postal certificates which have been transferred to the Treasury. Relationships with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. Compliance matters with regard to the accounting for the Treasury's short-term liabilities. Control over the management of gold, silver for coins, and other valuables.

Maria Stella MAZZU'
Tel. +39 06 47617304
Fax +39 06 47613261

Office VIII

Study and guidance about themes regarding the markets for government securities and domestic public-debt management. Preparation of information disclosures about the public debt, including for the purpose of publication on the Internet site. Management of the fund for the amortisation of government securities. Public-debt statistics. Relationships with the EU, with particular regard to the procedure for controlling excessive deficits, and with other international bodies. Participation in inter-institutional working groups and external representation as a substitute for the Head of Directorate for matters falling within the Office's area of responsibility.

Tel. +39 06 47614746
Fax +39 06 47613352

Office IX

Analysis of issues related to the domestic and international financial markets, including with reference to transactions carried out by public entities, local entities and companies that are part of the public administration. Monitoring of financial and credit risks arising from the borrowing activity and from the activity of restructuring the portfolio of Italy's liabilities. Relationships with the rating agencies with regard to Italy's credit rating and the credit ratings of public entities. Participation in inter-institutional working groups and external representation as a substitute for the Head of Directorate for matters falling within the Office's area of responsibility.


Tel. +39 06 47614845
Fax +39 06 47613287

Office X

Verification and adjustment to existing regulations of the documents related to the issuing programmes for international markets and relationships with the appropriate control authorities. Study, analysis and definition of contractual terms and conditions for debt transactions on foreign markets. Relationships with financial counterparties for the purpose of analysing and formulating ISDA contracts as part of derivatives transactions. Regulations covering loan proceeds and income from derivatives transactions. Drafting of contracts covering working relationships with external legal advisors for the preparation of information prospectuses for financing programmes on the international markets. Inter-departmental relationships for the purpose of the monitoring and restructuring of the healthcare debt of the regions. Analysis and study of tax-related issues in relation to the public debt.


Tel. +39 06 47618238
Fax +39 06 47610690

Office XI

Coordination and technical-administrative support with reference to information technology in relation to the management of the public debt. Collaboration with Office VIII for the management of statistical data on the Directorate's Internet website. Compliance matters regarding transactions in process involving public-debt securities in bearer and registered form, and measures in application of Law n. 313 of 1993. Transactions involving the reimbursement of securities that cannot be paid directly by the Bank of Italy. Records management. Custody and management of gold and silver for coins and other valuables. Management of the Reception Office.

Pierpaolo BATTISTA
Tel. +39 06 47613196
Fax +39 06 47611230

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