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Introduction sectionGovernment Securities and Public Debt Outstanding

Government Securities and Public Debt Outstanding

Statistical processing of data regarding the issuance of Government securities.

[Average Yield of Government Securities at Issuance.]
The graph the trend of the weighted average interest rate of domestic government securities, calculated on the basis of the gross yields on the issue of the securities issued in the single year.
Between 2019 and 2020, the value went from 0.93% to 0.79%
[Government bond composition]
The graph shows the composition of outstanding government securities as of 30.06.2020.
BTPs represent 70.61% of the total, followed by indexed BTPs with 7.56%, CCTs-eu with 6.27%, BOTs with 6.44%, BTP Italia with 3.98%, CTZs with 2.75% and, lastly, foreign currency securities with 2.38%
[Debt Structure Evolution and Average Life]
The graph shows the evolution of the structure of public debt. The left vertical axis (expressed as a percentage) shows the composition in terms of floating-rate, fixed-rate and indexed issuances, while the right vertical axis (expressed in years and fractions of a year) shows the average life of government securities. The reference years are shown on the horizontal axis, from 31.12.1993 to 30.06.2020.
Between 2019 and 2020, fixed-rate securities went from 76.03% to 75.23%, floating-rate securities from 12.24% to 12.95% and index-linked securities from 11.74% to 11.82%, while the average life is 6.87 years.

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