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The Italian Department of the Treasury, through a dedicated directorate general, issues government securities and manages central government liabilities.
This section provides constantly up-to-date information on public debt.


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BTP€i and BTP Short offering announcement in auction on Wednesday, January 26, 2022

A new tap Issuance reserved to Specialists in Government bonds

Details announcement on the placement of today's Medium-long term government bonds auctions

Details announcement on the placement of today's BOT auction

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The retail investor's calendar Government bonds issued

Luglio 2019

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Dettaglio del 25/07/2019


    25 Luglio 2019 - Annuncio emissioni medio-lungo termine in asta il 30 luglio


    25 Luglio 2019 - Scadenza prenotazioni Titoli per l asta di domani

    Per tutte le aste, il termine per la prenotazione potrebbe essere anticipato, così come stabilito dalle singole banche, in relazione alla loro procedura di raccolta ordini


























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