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End users of the Treasury Library will have access to the following economic, financial, juridical, and statistical databanks:


Italian catalogue of periodicals, managed by the Inter-library Centre of Bologna University, in association with the CNR. Searches can be performed by title, authority/author, year, ISSN. The Treasury Library and Documentation Office have been part of the ACNP since 1998.

Free access


AEI - Archive for European Integration

This databank includes AEI (Archive of European Integration) and ERPA (European Research Papers) archives.

Free access



A web portal, maintained by the Astrid Foundation (Foundation for Analysis, Studies and Researches on the Reform of Democratic Institutions and on innovation in public administration based in Rome), which publishes documents and materials for study, research and analysis, written by groups of experts on topics ranging from the environment to economy and public finance, to welfare and work.

Free access. To download documents ask the Library personnel



Searches can be made by type of activity and stages of the legislative process, by words in the title of the debate and in the text, by the agency in which the discussion was held, by the name of the deputy or Government member who intervened, by act number and by the date of the debate. The resulting documents grant access to: the work preparing the draft laws; the personal profiles of deputies and Government members who intervened; texts in PDF of parliamentary documents (the Doc) and of the Government acts presented for opinion; and finally, texts mentioned during the debate (such as, for example, documents examined during each Assembly session and the attachments to the press releases of the Commissions). It is also possible to select all the interventions by a particular speaker from a search result, in order to print them or convert them into Word format.

Free access


DFP – Documentation from public online sources

A structured repository of online resources classified according to topic that contain information produced, collected, and kept by Italian public institutions. The DFP is interdisciplinary in nature.

Free access



This is a database of bibliographic references from articles published in Italian juridical periodicals. For each article analysed the DoGi document offers bibliographic data enriched with: abstract and/or summary; one or more voices from the DoGi classification of juridical themes; a selection of references of legal and juridical sources mentioned in the article; metadata to describe other significant characteristics of the article; a link to the full text of the article when freely accessible online.

Free access


ESSPER – Economy and Social Sciences Periodicals

A collective catalogue and analysis of Italian periodicals on economy, jurisprudence, and social sciences, promoted by the Carlo Cattaneo University of Castellanza Library.

Free access


Eur-Lex – European Union Law database

A database made by European Union Institutions that offers direct and free access to EU law. It allows consultation of the Official Journal of the European Union and includes treaties, case-law, jurisprudence, and preparatory acts.

Free access


Eurostat Online

The complete source of statistical information on the European Union, organized by subject.

Free access


Official Journal of the Italian Republic

The website, developed by the State Mint, allows free access to all the series published in the Official Journal. The different series began in different times according to their format (the text format since January 1988 for the General Series, 1st Special Series – Constitutional Court, 2nd Special Series – European Community, 3rd Special Series – Regions; since 1999 for the 4th Special Series – Competitive Exams; since 2007 for the 5th Special Series – Public Contracts, since 1990 for the Second Part; in PDF since January 1986 for the General Series, since January 2009 for the 1st Special Series – Constitutional Court, 2nd Special Series – European Community, 3rd Special Series – Regions; the 4th Special Series – Competitive Exams; since 2007 for the 5th Special Series – Public Contracts, since April 2001 for the Second Part and certified PDF for all Official Journals since 2009).

Free access


Historical financial statistics

A statistical database – historical and non-commercial, published online since July 2010. It is a source of complete macroeconomic data going back centuries: from 1492 to today, with a particular emphasis on the years before 1950. Data are in spreadsheets.

Free access



This service allows the consultation of the following databases: European Legislation, State Legislation, Regional Legislation, DoGi – Juridical Theory, European Jurisprudence, Italian Jurisprudence, Official Journal, Collective Contracts, Public Competitive Exams.

Access is exclusively from the library itself


ISTAT – Databases

The topical databases and statistical systems provide a global and accurate vision of the event being analysed. Each database contains metadata (methodologies, classifications, definitions) related to the topic.

Free access



Archives on legislation, jurisprudence, international law, juridical theory.

Access is exclusively from the library itself


My online library

The first professional cloud library with CEDAM, UTET and IPSOA publications in PDF. It already has 1.350 texts published since 2006 that are easily searchable and entirely accessible thanks to the search system and the service's functions.

Access via credentials is exclusively from the library itself


Italian Laws Professional version (DeA - ex De Agostini)

The website grants access to databases with legislative works (Laws, Codes, Jurisprudence collection, Civil and Penal Appeals, Council of State and Regional Administrative Court, Trial Courts, Court of Accounts, Constitutional Court, European Law, Regional Law, ...) and fiscal works (Operational guide, Treasury online, online newspaper). It is a complete collection of legislative, juridical, and interpretative documentation which can be accessed as if it were a single database thanks to hypertext navigation. It is updated daily.

Access is exclusively from the library itself



A public database with the texts of all the norms published since 1946, updated daily with the amendments by other norms.

Free access



The service gives access to: OECD documents and publications (official and internal); discussion groups and committees - EDG (delegates of OECD meetings have an exclusive forum to exchange information on the work of the respective committees. Messages are visible by topic or in chronological order to ease interaction among participants, the preparation of meetings and their follow-ups.); statistics and indexes.

Access is exclusively from the library itself


Pluris Online Cedam- UTET

The database has the following sections: Jurisprudence, Legislation, Doctrine, Commented Hypertext Codes, Forms, Juridical Newspaper. Access is provided to the doctrine contained in a number of journals which are available in PDF. These include: bankruptcy, work in jurisprudence, Journal of Administrative Law, Company, Juridical Daily, Tax theory and practice, New commented civil jurisprudence, Italian jurisprudence.

Access via credentials is exclusively from the library itself



This service grants free access to these databases: Senate Works, Draft laws, Laws, Senators, Senate Composition and Non-legislative Activity.

Free access


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