Introduction sectionDirectorate VII - Enhancement of Public Assets

Directorate VII - Enhancement of Public Assets

Directorate VII is organised into specific management offices and performs the following functions:

  • managing the databases created through censuses of assets belonging to public administrations, including real estate, equity investments and concessions of state-owned assets and services, and analysing the information collected;
  • policies to rationalise and enhance public assets and coordination with administrations and the public companies appointed to manage state-owned properties and assets under concession;
  • activities to enhance and sell state-owned real estate assets, also through the creation of real estate funds;
  • analysing and managing state-owned shareholdings and exercising shareholder rights;
  • guiding, monitoring and checking implementation of Italian Legislative Decree no. 175 of 2016, containing the Consolidated law on state-owned enterprises, for companies that are not state-owned;
  • management of spin-offs, privatisations and sale procedures.
Filippo Giansante

Director General
Filippo Giansante

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