Introduction sectionPublic Debt: Announced New Issuance of Btp Italia from May the 14th

Public Debt: Announced New Issuance of Btp Italia from May the 14th

From Monday, May the 14th until Thursday, May the 17th 2018 the new issuance of the year of BTP Italia will take place. BTP Italia is the government bond indexed to the national inflation rate conceived for retail investors and in this case it will have a 8 year maturity, as already done in the past.

The next BTP Italia on offer will have the same characteristics of the previous issuances: semi-annual coupons indexed to the FOI (Indices of Consumer Prices for blue and white-collar households with the exclusion of tobacco) to which the payment of the accrued inflation in the semester is added (with a floor in the event of deflation, that guarantees that the coupon payments can never go below the definitive real coupon rate), bullet format and final bonus for those who buy the bond at issuance, during the phase of the distribution dedicated to individual investors and other persons similarly classified, and hold it until maturity.

The guaranteed minimum annual real rate of this new issuance will be communicated to the public on Friday, May the 11th, 2018.

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