Introduction sectionDetails on the new 30 year BTP placement

Details on the new 30 year BTP placement

The Ministry of Economy and Finance announces the placement details of the new 30-year BTP, maturing on the 1st September 2049, with a 3.85% annual coupon.

About 450 investors have taken part to the transaction with a total amount requested of more than 41 billion Euros. About half of the issuance has been allotted to fund managers (45.2%), while about a quarter has been subscribed by banks (25.8%). Investors with a long-term investment horizon have bought around 17.6% (in particular central banks and official institutions have been allotted for 7.4%, while pension funds and insurance companies for 10.2%). Hedge funds have subscribed 10.9% of the total amount issued. Also non-financial institutions (corporations) have taken part to the transaction with a residual share of 0.5% of the issuance.

In terms of geographical residence of investors, the placement has been extremely diversified with the involvement of investors coming from more than 35 countries: foreign investors have been allotted 73.6% of the issuance, while domestic ones have bought 26.4%. Among foreign investors, the participation of investors from UK has been relevant, as they have been allocated around 29.5%.

Placement details of the new 30-year BTP 7 February 2019

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