Introduction sectionBTP Futura: the guaranteed minimum annual coupon rates and the Isin code

BTP Futura: the guaranteed minimum annual coupon rates and the Isin code

The series of guaranteed minimum annual coupon rates for the 2nd issuance of the BTP Futura, that will take place from Monday 9th of November until Friday 13th of November, unless early closing, is online:


  • 0,35% from 1st to 3rd year;
  • 0,60% from the 4th to the 6th year;
  • 1% from the 7th to the 8th year.


The definitive annual coupon rates will be communicated at the closing of the placement period, and in any case they will not be lower than the guaranteed minimum annual coupon rates. The coupon rate of the first period, from the 1st year to the 3rd year, will remain unchanged while only the other two coupon rates, related to the following two periods, might be revised upwards based on market conditions.


The ISIN code of the bond for the placement period is IT0005425753.


The proceeds of the bond will be entirely aimed at financing the last measures adopted by the Government to support families and workers, strengthen the national health system and support enterprises to cope with outstanding crisis related to the Covid-19 pandemic.


The bond will have a maturity of 8 years and a final bonus, on the nominal amount purchased, equal to the average nominal GDP annual growth rate over the bond life as recorded by ISTAT (the National Bureau of Statistics), with a 1% floor and 3% cap, to investors who purchase the bond during the placement period and hold it until the final maturity.


Moreover, there are no fees to be borne by investors at issuance, while the taxation treatment is equal to 12.5 % and the Inheritance Tax does not apply, as for all government securities.


In addition to purchase the bond in banks or post offices, it is possible to purchase the BTP Futura directly on-line, through any home-banking system having an on-line trading feature, or through the new bond booking features offered by banks in order to cope with the containment measures of these months.


Please note that a dedicated email box is available until the settlement date (17th of November 2020).

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