Introduction sectionBTP Italia: guaranteed minimum annual coupon rate at 1.40%

BTP Italia: guaranteed minimum annual coupon rate at 1.40%

The guaranteed minimum annual (real) coupon for the 16th issuance of the BTP Italia, that will take place from next Monday the 18th of May, is set at 1.40%.


The definitive annual (real) coupon rate will be communicated at the opening of the fourth day of the placement period, Thursday the 21st of May and it will be set higher than or equal to the guaranteed minimum annual (real) coupon rate.


We remind that this special issuance of BTP Italia aims at financing the recent legislative measures adopted by the Government to face the Covid-19 emergency.


The First Phase of the placement period, tailored to retail investors, will take place from next Monday the 18th of May up to Wednesday the 20th of May 2020.


For the First Phase the ISIN code of the bond is IT0005410904.


The second phase, reserved to institutional investors, will be take place Thursday the 21st of May, from 10 to 12 am.


Individual investors who purchase the bond during the First Phase of the placement period and hold it until the final maturity (May 26th, 2025) will be entitled to receive a final bonus equal to 0,8 per cent, which is the double of previous issuances.


In addition to purchase the bond in banks or post offices, it is possible to purchase the bond directly on-line, through any home-banking system having an on-line trading feature. Moreover new bond booking features have been organized by the in order to cope with lockdown measures.


Please note that all the documents that illustrate the characteristics of the placement and distribution of the bond as well as the calculation method for the coupon and the capital revaluation can be found on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

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