Introduction sectionG20 Ministers and Governors issued an official Communiqué

G20 Ministers and Governors issued an official Communiqué

The G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors met virtually on Wednesday, 7 April, for their second official meeting under the Italian G20 Presidency.


G20 Ministers and Governors agreed on a series of commitments, detailed in the official Communiqué, issued at the end of the meeting.


The discussion spanned from issues covering global economy, efforts to push forward the economic recovery and promote a more sustainable growth, to the support to the most vulnerable countries, advancements in international taxation matters and financial sector related issues.


G20 Members recognised that after the contraction registered in 2020, the global outlook has improved, mainly due to the roll out of vaccination campaigns and continued policy support. Nonetheless, the recovery appears clouded by uncertainty and uneven across and within countries.


Ministers and Governors renewed their commitment to avoiding any premature withdrawal of support measures and have reaffirmed the willingness to use all available policy tools for as long as required to protect people's lives, jobs and incomes.


The work of the Finance Track will continue in the Working Groups and will feed the agenda of the 3rd G20 Finance Ministers and Central Banks Governors meeting to be held on 9-10 July in Venice.

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