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Exchange transaction via electronic trading system

BTP Italia: ISIN code for the Second Phase dedicated to institutional investors

BTP Italia: guaranteed minimum annual coupon rate 0.25%

BTP Italia, term sheet available online

The Public Debt Report 2016 is online together with new data concerning debt risk indicators and the derivatives portfolio to be released on a quarterly basis

Washington G7 Finance Meeting approved a set of non-binding principles for the assessment of cybersecurity measures for the financial sector

The G7 reaffirms its commitment to strengthening cybersecurity in the financial sector

Published Working Papers n. 5 2017

Published Working Papers n. 1- 2018

Brown Bag Lunch Meetings: "A formal introduction to GDP-indexed bonds" a discussion with Michele Manna (Bank of Italy) on December, 14th

Brown Bag Lunch Meetings: " Back on Track? A Micro-Macro Narrative of Italian Exports " a discussion with Matteo Bugamelli e Silvia Fabiani (Banca d'Italia) on September, 21st

Brown Bag Lunch Meetings: " Credit Misallocation During The European Financial Crisis” a discussion with Fabiano Schivardi (LUISS University, EIEF, IGIER and CEPR) on Jenuary, 16th

Published Working Papers n. 3 and n. 4 2017

Medium-long term bonds offering announcement in auction on Thursday, July 13, 2017

Details on the new 30 year BTP placement

Placement Results of the new 30-year BTP

Public Debt, Issuance of a new 30 year BTP

Syndicated exchange: details of the buyback of BTP Italia due in November and the concurrent reopening of nominal bonds

Syndicated exchange: results of the buyback of BTP Italia due in November and the concurrent reopening of nominal bonds

Details on demand composition during the two Phases of the eleventh issuance of BTP Italia

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