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Govt Bond Specialists

It is an application designed to provide our Specialists in government bonds with a structured and constant communication system with the Units responsible for managing and issuing government bonds within the Directorate of Public Debt.
Through the application, Specialists can send a series of information regarding:

  • suggestions about government bonds and the quantities to be issued in the auction;
  • regular updates of their Staff, communicating any changes regarding the organizational structure of the bank, in particular with reference to the names of those who, with any responsibility, have relations with the above mentioned Units of the Directorate of Public Debt;
  • monthly trading activity data included in a specific ad hoc report. Such reports, standardized at European level, are uploaded directly by Specialists through a specific section of the application and are subject to preliminary formal checks whose results are immediately sent to the operators themselves.

The application is also used by the above mentioned Units to communicate effectively and timely with the Specialists, and in particular:

  • to communicate dates and locations of the Specialists Meeting held by the MEF on a monthly basis;
  • to communicate weekly and monthly performances relative to the activity carried out by Specialists on the primary and secondary market of government bonds;
  • to communicate quarterly and annual evaluation on their whole activity;
  • to send non- standard communications to a selected subset of users of each Specialist, depending on the topic covered by the communication.

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