Introduction section Coinage


The Department of the Treasury is responsible for issuing all provisions relating to the manufacture and issuance of coins, both for ordinary circulation and of a commemorative nature. Coinage is entrusted to the Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato SpA (the Mint).

The Mint, up until April 1978, was part of the Directorate General of the Treasury (now the Treasury Department); Law no. 154 of 20 April 1978 created the Mint as part of the Polygraphic Institute. Legislative Decree no. 116 of 21 April 1996 transformed the Institute into a joint stock company.

Every year, the MEF, together with the Bank of Italy, plans an ordinary coin issuance programme, designed to meet domestic monetary circulation needs. The current range of values includes the following: € 0.01, € 0.02, € 0.05, € 0.10, € 0.20, € 0.50, € 1, and € 2.

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