Introduction section State-owned equity investments

State-owned equity investments

The Italian Department of the Treasury is the authority in charge of recording, monitoring and adding value to state-owned equity investments throughout Italy, representing Italian government assets on a par with real estate, concessions and other public property.

The Department directly manages the stakes held by Italy's Ministry of Economy and Finance as a shareholder in state-owned companies.

In particular, the Department has a single national database for Italy which, every year, records the equity investments held by approximately 11 thousand public administrations, as well as the offices they hold on the boards of these investee companies, with the relative remuneration.

The information contained in this database, provided by the administrations themselves, is disclosed in open data format and through periodic reports that describe the evolution of investments.

In addition, the Department also has a unit dedicated to checking and monitoring implementation of the provisions made by Italian Legislative Decree no. 175 of 19th August 2016, the “Testo Unico in materia di società a partecipazione pubblica” The guidelines for this unit are published regularly.

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