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The Department of the Treasury is one of the four Departments that constitute the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The main contact point of the Ministry with the public is:

URP - Ministry of Economy and Finances' Public relations office
Phone: 06 47613722

Opening hours to the public:
Monday to Friday: 10.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m
Via XX Settembre 97, Roma



To report malfunctions or submit suggestions regarding the Department of the Treasury: 

To have more information on the initiatives and communication events of the Department of the Treasury:

To contact the offices of the Department:

For operators and savers searching for clarifications and information on Public Debt and investments in Government securities:

To have support on the online services of Portale Tesoro , refer to the information given in the section.


The Department of the Treasury Certified Electronic E-mail (PEC)

The Department of the Treasury Certified Electronic E-mail address answers administrative queries on the activities pertaining to the Department of the Treasury as specified in the Organization chart.

Pursuant to Presidential Decree n.68 of 11 February 2005, the transmission via Certified Electronic E-mail has the same legal value of a registered letter with notification of receipt if from a certified e-mail address.

The Department of the Treasury Certified Electronic e-mail address is:

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