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Introduction section Public Debt Management Network (PDM Network)

Public Debt Management Network (PDM Network)

The PDM Network is an initiative fostered by the OECD, the Italian Treasury and the World Bank, aimed at sharing knowledge and information on public debt management.

It encourages and facilitates the diffusion of organised and permanent information on debt management related matters among all players who are actively concerned with public debt management, all over the world. The PDM Network therefore promotes international dialogue among public debt managers, as well as other institutions, scholars, practitioners and the general public. The PDM Network’s website aims at providing a useful source on all relevant aspects of public debt management policies and bond market development, and it shares and disseminates internationally codified sound practices in public debt management.

Since its start in 2004, the PDM Network remains an original and unique initiative in the field of international cooperation between governments and super-national institutions.

When accessing the website, users have at their disposal a rich documentation area on issues relating to public debt management policies. Topics are structured according to the main tasks a debt manager may be involved in: the definition of the goals of the debt strategy, the relationship with financial markets, the compliance with the domestic and international legal context, the need to assure transparency in order to develop and maintain credibility towards investors, the coherence with the macroeconomic policy framework and, finally, the adherence to the international best practices in this field.

The What's new section of the website contains a daily selection of News on public debt markets from authoritative online newspapers and info providers, as well as the most recent research papers, reports, events and courses, selected from most important academic and financial internet sources.

Website subscribers receive by email the weekly newsletter “Emerging Sovereign Debt Markets News” with news selected by the PDM Secretariat from the Thomson Reuters EIKON © information services, and the bimonthly “PDM NETWORK Newsletter”, which collects papers, reports, courses and other events concerning public debt management, regularly uploaded by the PDM Network Secretariat in the website



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