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  • Indebtedness data represent financial operations (loans and bonds) as communicated by the local authorities at the date indicated.
  • Residual debts are aggregated according to the type of entity: Regions and autonomous Provinces, Provinces, Capital Municipalities, non-Capital Municipalities, Mountain and Island Communities/Unions of Municipalities, Other Administrations.
  • The residual aggregate debt results from the sum of residual debts derived from each financial operation's amortization schedule, calculated by the CEAM System according to the characteristics of the same operation sent by the entity.
  • Partial participations to the expenditure by other local authorities on financial operations are not detected from the aggregate data.
  • The Cassa DD.PP. data are supplied directly by the Cassa DD.PP. SPA on 30 June and 31 December of each year. They represent residual debt after payment of the installment due at the date specified and are subdivided into Cassa SpA loans and loans managed by Cassa DD.PP. on behalf of the MEF (following the transformation of the Cassa DD.PP. in 2003). The latter represent, like those contracted with Public Administration Institutes, a debt for the entity yet they do not go to form part of the overall debt for Maastricht purposes, because they are due to another part of the same Public Administration.
  • Data regarding derivative transactions are processed through communications sent by regional and local authorities. Series of derivative contracts is updated through further communications sent by entities themselves. Report 3 shows amortizing notional amount at the reference date, according to amortization schedules of entities. Report 4 and 5 show initial notional amount at the trade date of confirmations.

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