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  • What do Public Debt and outstanding Government bonds amount to?

    The amount of Public Debt and of outstanding Government bonds, as well as the trend of the Public Debt /GDP ratio, is available on the home page of the website,


  • Where can you find information about the major aggregates of public finance?

    The amount of Public Debt, as defined in article 104 of the Maastricht Treaty, is published monthly in the supplement to the Bank of Italy’s Statistical Bulletin “The Public Finances". The data is also published yearly on the home page of the public debt website,

    The public sector borrowing requirement is published monthly through press releases in the specific section in the Ministry of Economy and Finance website,

    Finally, General Government net borrowing and the GDP at market price are elaborated by Istat and available at this link:


  • What are the Guidelines for Public Debt Management?

    The document "Guidelines for Public Debt Management" describes the guidelines that the Treasury intends to follow in the following two years regarding the issuance policy and public debt management.