Introduction section Directorate III - European Financial Relations

Directorate III - European Financial Relations

Directorate III is organised into specific management offices and performs the following functions:

  • economic, monetary and financial affairs within Europe;
  • economic and institutional analysis into the functioning of the Economic and Monetary Union, the monetary policy of the European Central Bank, the euro exchange rate, the Sme2 and the euro adoption process;
  • taking part in Ecofin, Eurogroup, the Economic and Financial Committee, Euro Working Group and the Interministerial Committee for European Affairs;
  • procedures for fiscal surveillance, macroeconomic imbalances and coordination of economic policies among EU countries;
  • participation in financial stability mechanisms and activities relating to financial assistance programmes in the euro area and within the European Union;
  • bilateral relations with the countries and institutions of the European Union.


See here the list of the Directorate III Offices.

Luigi Maria Disanto

Director General
Luigi Maria Disanto

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