Introduction section Directorate I - Economic-Financial Analysis and Research

Directorate I - Economic-Financial Analysis and Research

Directorate I is organised into specific management offices and performs the following functions:

  • preparing and coordinating economic-financial documents and official macroeconomic forecasts;
  • researching and analysing the economic, monetary and financial situation and framework, both in Italy and internationally;
  • developing and managing models in order to predict, assess and monitor economic policies and structural reforms;
  • analysing structural reforms, preparing the national reform programme in coordination with the other ministries; responsibility for the Economic Imbalance Procedure (MIP) of the European Commission;
  • analysing and developing equitable and sustainable well-being indicators (“BES”) and preparing the relative policy documents;
  • economic analysis of public finance performance and aspects of fiscal and economic governance;
  • relations with EU institutions and with international bodies falling within its responsibility.


See here the list of the Directorate I Offices.

Director General

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