Introduction section Italian Investment Fund – 2011’s Activity

Italian Investment Fund – 2011’s Activity

In its first year of full activity, the Italian Investment Fund – the private equity Fund promoted by Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance in order to support the capitalization of Italian SMEs’– approved investment commitments for a total of 417 million Euros, which represent the 38% of the available capital managed.
The Fund approved 18 direct investments for 187 million Euros acquiring minority stake and 11 indirect investments operating as “Fund of Funds” for 230 million Euros joining specialized Funds in SMEs’.
Besides the investment activity, the Fund signed an agreement with the European Investment Fund (EIF) providing for a 100-million-Euro commitment devoted to invest in Italian funds supporting the capitalization and the development of SMEs’. The Italian Investment Fund has also decided to cooperate with Borsa Italiana (Italian Stock Exchange) to promote ELITE, a “showcase” and training program for the Italian excellent enterprises designed by Borsa Italiana and the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

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