Introduction section Btp Italia: new issuance from November 14th with bonus payment

Btp Italia: new issuance from November 14th with bonus payment

The Department of the Treasury announces that the new issuance of BTP Italia, the government bond indexed to the Italian inflation rate and conceived for retail investors, will be held from Monday, November the 14th to Thursday, November the 17th 2022.

The next BTP Italia will have a maturity 6 years and will foresee a bonus payment equal to 0.8 per cent for retail investors who will purchase it at issuance and hold it continuously until the final maturity (2028).

BTP Italia will be placed, as usual, in two phases: the First Phase, from Monday, November the 14th to Wednesday, November the 16th, unless early closing, where only individual investors and other persons similarly classified (the so-called retail investors) are admitted, while the Second Phase, which will take place in the morning of November the 17th, will be reserved to institutional investors.

The guaranteed minimum annual (real) coupon rates will be announced on Friday, November the 11th.


As usual, retail investors can purchase BTP Italia wherever they hold a securities account, at their banks or at the post office or through any home-banking system having an on-line trading feature.

The issuance will be placed on the MOT (the Borsa Italiana’s screen-based market for securities and government bonds) through the following dealers: Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A. and Unicredit S.p.A.


It will be possible to ask for support and questions to the mail address:

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