Introduction section Draft Budgetary Plan - DBP

Draft Budgetary Plan - DBP

The EU Regulation n. 473/2013(PDF, 800 KB) introduces a new process of evaluating national budgets, establishing a common deadline (15 October) by which the Euro Area countries must send their Draft Budgetary Plan (DBP) to the designated European institutions. The DBP illustrate to European Institutions a summarized (with tables) and standardized version of their draft budget for the following year.
The DBP contains an update of the estimates indicated in the previous Stability Programme. The document takes into account revisions of final data introduced by the ISTAT and outlines: the reasons for any differences with respect to the estimates contained in the Stability Programme drawn up in April; the public finance measures proposed by the Government for achieving the programmed targets, as well as the impact on public accounts and economic growth. By 30 November, the European Commission will adopt and present to the Eurogroup an opinion on each DBP that will contain an evaluation of the conformity of the budget programs to the recommendations formulated as part of the European Semester, and an evaluation of the consistency of the budget with respect to the programmed targets of the Member State. The opinion for each individual country and for the Euro Area as a whole will be made public, thereby ensuring a high degree of transparency. In the event of any country's significant non-compliance with the obligations of the Stability and Growth Pact, the country may be requested to revise its budget planning document in order to take into account the Commission's observations.



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