Introduction section BTP ITALIA: new issuance from April the 4th

BTP ITALIA: new issuance from April the 4th

The return of BTP ITALIA. The government bond was ' created ' in 2012 by the Directorate of Public Debt particularly thought as a saving tool for private investors.
It was the year of the crisis , with high spreads , and yet innovation in debt management was a historic step forward.
For the first time for savers it was possible to buy a title directly online through their own trading systems , in a different way from the traditional placement which happens in auction.
An innovation that has enjoyed over time and is now back with a new issue with lasting eight years from next April the 4th.

Starting from Monday April the 4th, will be placed a new issuance of BTP Italia, the government bond indexed to the national inflation rate.

The first three days – from Monday the 4th to Wednesday, the 6th (three days which may be reduced to two in the case of early closing), will be admitted only individual investors and other persons similarly classified, while the morning of April the 7th will be reserved to institutional investors.

In case total orders coming from institutional investors are greater than the final supply decided by the MEF, an allotment procedure will be activated. On the contrary, for individual investors and other persons similarly classified there will not be any rationing, as incoming orders will be fulfilled completely, as in all the previous issuances.

Also this year, as in 2015, the BTP Italia on offer will have a maturity of 8 years and will continue to have the same financial characteristics of those already issued starting from 2012. The BTP ITALIA guaranteed minimum real coupon rate for the Ninth issuance is 0.40%. Term Sheet for the new bond and FAQs are available in this website to provide investors and market operators with all the necessary information in order to take part in the forthcoming placement.

More information can be requested at:

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