Introduction section BTP Italia, new 8 years maturity issuance from Monday, October the 21st

BTP Italia, new 8 years maturity issuance from Monday, October the 21st

BTP Italia

The new bond, with first accrual date as of the 28th of October 2019 and maturity date as of the 28th of October 2027, has a definitive annual (real) coupon rate of 0.65%, paid on a semi-annual basis. The settlement date coincides with the accrual date.

The amount issued has been of 6,750 million Euros and it coincides with the total turnover of valid purchase contracts concluded at par on the MOT (the Borsa Italiana’s screen-based market for securities and government bonds) through Banca IMI S.p.A and UniCredit S.p.A during the placement period, which started on the 21st of October 2019 and ended today at 12 p.m.
In particular, during the First Phase of the placement (dedicated to retail investors), from the 21st to the 22nd of October 2019, the number of contracts concluded has been 47,395 for a turnover of 2,987.030 million Euros.
During the Second Phase of the placement (dedicated to institutional investors), which opened and closed today, the number of purchase proposals collected and executed has been 318 for an issued volume of 3,762.970 million Euros against a total demand of 4,753.802 million Euros (allotment coefficient of about 79.2 per cent). The ISIN code of the bond. The ISIN code for the Second Phase dedicated to institutional investors is IT0005388175.

Details below regarding the fifteenth issuance of BTP Italia, the government bond indexed to Italian inflation (FOI index, ex-tobacco - Indices of Consumer Prices for blue and white-collar households with the exclusion of tobacco), with 8 year maturity.

During the First Phase of the placement, dedicated to retail investors, the issuance met a larger demand on the first day compared to the following day, in terms of both number of contracts and turnover, in line with past issuances.

The Second Phase, dedicated to institutional investors, that lasted 2 hours during the third day of the placement, saw a total demand greater than the final amount on offer of 3,762.97 million Euros.

Term Sheet for the new bond and FAQs are available in this website to provide investors and market operators with all the necessary information in order to take part in the forthcoming placement.
For more information please contact the Public Debt Group at the following email or visit the website

BTP Italia, new 8 years maturity issuance from Monday, October the 21st

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